QCon London and Ioke Geek night

In one and a half week, QCon London is coming up. That will be a week of great fun, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who has the possibility to be there. I have the highest respect for Trifork and InfoQ who are organizing the QCon conferences, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

This year I am actually not speaking at the conference itself. Instead I’m hosting a track where other people speak. My track is called “Emerging Languages in the Enterprise” and I’ve managed to convince some amazing people to show up and talk there. To be specific, my speakers are: Jonas Boner, Michael Foord, Attila Szegedi, Rich Hickey and Martin Fowler. So, if you are interested in languages, be there; it will be a blast.

ThoughtWorks UK have a tradition to organize geek nights around QCon, and this time is no exception. On the evening March 10th (that is a Tuesday) I will be talking about how to create a JVM language. I will use Ioke for most examples, but will also contrast with details from JRuby. The presentation will be quite audience controlled, so exactly what will be presented is not determined. But it should give people a good grounding in Ioke, at least. More information here. Hope to see you there!

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