Some .NET reflections

I used to do .NET, when it was new. I’ve been away from it for several years though, so coming back to it feels like jumping in to a new environment. I’ve been using C# and F# for the new Ioke implementation, and during this time I’ve collected some thoughts and opinions. These are all framed in my regular use of Java, of course. And if this is obvious stuff to anyone else, please feel free to ignore me.

I won’t write everything in this post, though. I’ll split it up a bit. This is just the folio.

Incidentally, if you have seen tweets from me sounding pissed of, chances are good you will get explanations for it from these posts. At the moment I will write three posts: Opinions on F#, Opinions on C# and .NET, and .NET and interface madness. That is what I have planned right now, at least.

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