Ioke P released

I am very happy to announce that Ioke P has finally been released!

Ioke is a language that is designed to be as expressive as possible. It is a dynamic language targeted at the Java Virtual Machine. There also exists a version for the CLR. It’s been designed from scratch to be a highly flexible general purpose language. It is a prototype-based programming language that is inspired by Io, Smalltalk, Lisp and Ruby.

Programming guide:

The two specific releases that encompass Ioke P are ikj 0.4.0 and ikc 0.4.0.

Ioke P is the fourth release of Ioke. It includes many new features compared to Ioke E:

  • Number Infinity
  • eval
  • Reflector
  • Hooks
  • First class Runtime
  • New parser
  • Tuples
  • Structs
  • Destructuring assignment
  • Message rewriting
  • Functional composition
  • Sequences
  • Dictionary and Set versions of Enumerable methods
  • Enumerable group, Enumerable groupBy
  • Set operations for union, intersection, membership, subset and superset testing
  • ISpec stubbing and mocking
  • IIk history
  • DokGen on separate projects

Ioke P also includes a large amount of bug fixes.


  • Expressiveness first
  • Strong, dynamic typing
  • Prototype based object orientation
  • Homoiconic language
  • Simple syntax
  • Powerful macro facilities
  • Condition system
  • Aspects
  • Java integration
  • Developed using TDD
  • Documentation system that combines documentation with specs
  • Runs on both the JVM and the CLR

The many things added in Ioke P could not have been done without the support of all the Ioke contributors. Thank you!

Ola Bini    –